is a certified energy healer practitioner with Move My Blocks who would love to help you on your journey to healing and happiness. Through energy work Jana has found healing, connections, and joy, which prompted her desire to learn more and help others. She enjoys spending time with her family, being outside in nature as much as possible, learning new things, and practicing mindfulness. She also holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and a Master’s of Public Administration with an emphasis in Public Health from Idaho State University.

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What is energy healing? 


Energy healing is when we find the negative energies you have collected throughout your life and stored in your body, and release them. You have experienced feeling negative energy before but you probably didn’t know that’s what it was.

Stress is energy! I’m sure you have heard someone say that they carry their stress in the neck, shoulders, or back. They have a physical pain even though there is nothing wrong. When the stress is gone, the negative energy and emotions may still be there and that’s where energy work comes in! You need to remove the negative energy to remove the negative emotions so you can fully move on.

When life gives you any kind of stress, you end up with negative emotions and that creates negative energy. Energy work finds the negative energy and emotions and helps your body heal by removing it.  So, are you ready to find the negative energy that is holding you back, remove it and start live your happier life today?

Before your session, drink a glass of water and find a place where you are comfortable and can talk freely. Most people like to take notes, so grab a paper and pen too. Looking at your life, we’ll find the negative energy and emotions then remove it.  This is done using muscle testing. At the end of the session, we will check to see if you released everything you needed to or if you will need to schedule another appointment. Most times, everything can be cleared in one session but sometimes we may need more. You will also get a follow-up email to check in with you and see how you are doing 1-2 weeks after your appointment.