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Red Light

Relax and Lose Inches

The non-invasive way to QUICKLY lose inches while relaxing and getting self-care at the same time.

We listen to you

what makes us different

We listen to you

We care about each of our clients. We show this in many ways, but to start we practically give away the first treatment. We do this because we want to make sure that this is the right fit for you.
We don't like wasting money and believe that others feel the same way.
Along with making sure this is the right fir for you, we also use every pad for every session. That means we will be treating both your upper thighs, bottom, hips, stomach, back, both upper arms, neck, chin and face. That's right! We treat all of you!

how would
you like to...

We are here for you
  • Let go of those stubborn inches?
  • Fit back into your favorite outfit?
  • Relax while losing inches?
  • Help your work-outs get you faster results?
  • Detox your body at the same time?
  • Lose weight fast?
  • Most of our clients go down 1-3 inches on their first treatment and you can do treatments every other day!!

Healthy Glow Body Sculpting is a local company filled with compassionate people.
We try hard to understand your needs so we can give you the experience that is best tailored to you.
We are motivated to help you succeed and have tested out the different variables
so we know what you need to do to maximize your results.

We specialize in Red Light Therapy and only use the Trifecta Light in our office. These are the
highest quality, high intensity LED’s available. Each diode is 50-100% stronger
than any other body pad system on the market. Plus, there are more
than twice the number of diodes. (Over 10,000)

Relaxing and calm

what does a treatment
look like

Relaxing and calm
  • We will do a complete body composition analysis
  • We will take measurements before your contour red light session
  • You will spend 21 warm minutes wrapped in the Red Light pads laying on the table and listening to gentle music
  • We will take your measurements again after your treatment to see how many inches you have lost
  • After getting dressed, you will have a 10 minute session on the vibration plate
  • You will have several different options to pick from so you can leave feeling confident n your path to a new you!

the person
the curtain

Courtney Lawes is the owner of Healthy Glow Body Sculpting. She is caring, passionate, and outgoing. This is the second wellness company she has started in Pocatello and loves bringing new options to the area. 

After learning about all the benefits of red light therapy, she knew that the women in Pocatello needed this. Not just for weight loss, but for self-care and everything else this therapy can do. You will often see her in the office with her girls in tow while she continues to homeschool them. Always thinking outside the box, she is getting ready to branch out and open more locations throughout Idaho. 

the science
behind the machine

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A Revolutionary Advancement in Weight Loss

Red and near-infrared light shrinks fat cells in the body, resulting in a slimmer, healthier appearance. Red light therapy is the only way to effectively remove fat from problem areas like the waist and hips without resorting to invasive procedures like liposuction.

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Letting go of the fat

The body’s cells react to different wavelengths of light. The unique wavelengths of Red Light and Near Infrared light stimulate your mitochondria giving you more energy and break down fat cells releasing their contents harmlessly into the bloodstream where it becomes available for your body to use for energy or to safely eliminate.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Our state of the art machine uses a high intensity LED system which is able to produce a beam with optimal light refraction and strength, resulting in a much higher rate of absorption compared to traditional laser treatments. Whereas fat cells absorb approximately 40% of the light energy in a regular laser treatment, they average a 70% absorption rate using our Red Light therapy.

What is going on inside your body

our clients

I was skeptical at first. Mainly because I didn’t understand how it would work. But I decided to give it a try… and WOW! I lost 6 inches throughout my body, after one session! I got to relax, meditate, soak up the warmth, and then stand up 20 minutes later, 6 inches skinnier! Healthy Glow Body is professional, sanitary, and so worth it! It’s my self-care time! This (pic) was only after 5 sessions, I can't wait to see what 10 or 12 sessions will do for me! I love everyone I have met there! They are very professional and you see them sanitizing everything immediately after use. You can pick what sounds you want to listen to (beach waves, classical music, etc), they are right there if you need anything, and it is SUPER easy to schedule appts on the website!

Valerie Pocatello
This was made for you

this treatment is perfect for you if...

You are ready to lose inches fast (treatments can be done every other day)

You are tired of working out with
only a little gain (working out after a treatment moves out even more fat)

You are getting ready for a vacation,
wedding or other events

You are sick of your clothes not fitting (most notice a difference in how their shirts fit after 1 treatment)

You have stalled in your weight loss
and need to jump-start it again

You are ready to get your energy back again

our clients

Amazing! You feel so comfortable upon walking in! The red light procedure takes approximately 21 minutes and it is
nice and warm. A very nice way to relax and give yourself some self care.


Pain free for the first time in years! I initially went for the body sculpting because my mobility has been
limited due to arthritis pain. After the first treatment I broke into tears because I could walk pain free!
I also lost almost 3 inches with the first treatment but the pain reduction and mobility increase
is what keeps me coming back! Thank you!!!


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We believe in you


Ready To Let Go Of The Inches?

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1 Complete Contour Red Light Session
1 10 minute Session on Vibration Plate
Body measurement

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How often should I have a session?

We recommend having a session every 2-3 days because the cells stay open for about 48 hours. This is also a bonus for you because you will see the changes happen very quickly.

What should I do to prep for my session?

We ask that you drink a lot of water before and after your session. In order to see the best results, do not eat 1-2 hours before and 1-2 hours after your session.
If possible, try to avoid alcohol and eat low-carb meals 24 hours before and after your session time.
You can bring a bikini to wear during your session or just wear a standard pair of underwear and a bra

What can I do to get even better results?

If you are looking for big dramatic results, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you work out 30-40 minutes the same day and the following day from your treatment. This moves even more fat out of your cells and gets your blood flowing to help with the removal process.

Who shouldn't do this treatment?

This treatment is safe for everyone but we do not treat women who are nursing or pregnant or those who are actively being treated for cancer. We also only take clients who are 18 years and up, unless you have a legal guardian with you.

Where do I make my next appointment?

For our clients who have purchased one of our amazing packages, you will have received an email with a code and instructions on how to set up your appointments.
If you can't find that email, let us know and we will resend it. 208-747-8800
You can also go to our main page HealthyGlowBodySculpting.com and click PACKAGES- BOOK HERE in the main menu to select a day and time. You will use the code you received in your email or the email address you used when you purchased your package.

Does it hurt?

This is such an amazing treatment because not only does it work amazingly well, but it is relaxing too! You will enjoy laying under the warm lights while losing fat too. It doesn't get better than that! There isn't any discomfort after the treatment too. You are going to love this!

What if I can't make my appointment?

We get that life happens. If you can't make your appointment and it is more than 12 hours before your appointment, you can reschedule it from the email we sent you. If it is less than 12 hours, then you will need to contact our office at 208-747-8800. We have a $25 no-show fee.

Where are you located? What's your number?

We are right here in Pocatello!
5265 Country Club Dr.
We are on the south end of town.
You can call or text us at 208-317-6464

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